Who do we support?

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Here at the Dandelion Deli we are proud to support some amazing local growers and suppliers; being aware of the provenance of our ingredients coupled with the knowledge that our footprint is low is very important to us. We strive to maintain these relationships and we are committed to ensuring that they flourish even further over the years.

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Local farmers

We consciously select our fresh produce from farms in our area.

This includes eggs from our chicken farmer just a few miles down the road, F K Carter.

We source all of our meat from the local butcher, Appleyards Butchers.


 Sussex Fruits are responsible for our delicious, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

We also partake in seasonal foraging activities when we can, utilising the abundant natural spaces we have at our fingertips.

Butcher Bob's

Bee Keepers


We have long standing relationships with local bee keepers.This means that, in addition to working with friendly faces, we can ensure that, when Spring comes around, we have exactly what Hay Fever sufferers need! 



Handmade Scotch

Egg Company

Based in Herefordshire, The Handmade Scotch Egg Company is a family run business with decades of experience creating imaginatively flavoured scotch eggs.

Ranging from chilli to sweet, our customers (and our team!!) absolutely love these as a lunch option. 

We always stock a range of their veggie and their meat(free range pork) varieties, in addition to their gluten free eggs. 


They call it 'The Ultimate Sausage Roll', and they aren't wrong!

Bob, the butcher, and his family, are behind the magic of these sausage rolls. 

Our customers are continually captivated by the large variety of free range pork rolls with flavours spanning from honey & mustard to chilli to marmite. Considering the fantastic alternative veggie and vegan options, sausage rolls will never go out of style in the deli! 

The Cheeseman

Weald Smokery

Willie's Cacao

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